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REVL engineered, designed, supplied and installed a Bi-Directional Amplifier system to provide in-building communication for 400MHz trunk and paging systems after construction of DoD Hospital at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska.
REVL engineered, supplied, installed and programmed first General Electric 406MHz digital trunk radio system for the U.S. Army in Alaska. System included 3 five channel sites with over 800 Army users at Ft. Richardson, Ft. Wainwright and Ft. Greely and over 1800 Air Force users at Elmendorf AFB. REVL supplied support services from 1988 - end of life (2002) including site expansion equipment, consoles, software upgrades, installation and maintenance support.
REVL custom designed, built and supplied a 3 channel portable low current drain 406MHz trunk radio site for use by U.S. Army during field exercises in Alaska.
REVL custom designed, built and supplied a low current drain 400MHz linked VHF-AM system for a demo feasibility project for the FAA.
REVL engineered, supplied and installed a 5 site remote mountain top communication system for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska. Contract required REVL to engineer battery systems to operate at -40 degrees for 3 years with no maintenance. Also required. The design of Mt. Top shelters that would survive Alaska’s mountain environment. Because no manufacturer could be found REVL start its own fiberglass manufacturing division to build these specialized shelters. REVL’s fiberglass division, Alaska Enviorshell secured a GSA contract and supplied Mt. Top shelters to U.S. Forest Service, Park Service, FAA, BIA, BLM and Fish and Wildlife Service.
REVL engineered and supplied the first interoperability GE and Motorola digital DES conventional communication system for the U.S. Army in Alaska.
REVL provided ISP and OSP engineering and tech support to the United States Army Pacific as part of a 5 year Blanket Purchase Agreement
REVL provided ISP and OSP engineering, tech support and staff augmentation to the Alaska National Guard as part of a 5 year Blanket Purchase Agreement.
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