Information Technology Products and Services

PROTECTED DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS (PDS)- SIPRNET -“Over 20 yr. Experience & Holocom Certification”; Design, Installation, Testing, Classified System Accreditation Documentation & Drawings

VIDEO TELECONFRENCING (VTC) SYSTEMS – SECURE & NON SECURE – IP & DISA Compliant; Design, Cost Estimates, Installation, Documentation & Maintenance

DATA/VOICE NETWORK CABLING - Fiber & Copper - Design, Cost Estimates, Installation, Testing, Network Documentation & Drawings

DATA NETWORK MAINTENANCE & EXPANSION- SIPRNET & COMMERICAL – Adds Moves & Changes, Documentation & Network Drawing Updates

WIRELESS LAN/WAN/VIDEO – Area Coverage Surveys & Testing Secure Configuration; FIPS140-2 Approved, layer 2 Encryption, Mobile & Vehicle Access Points; 802-11i- Design, Installation, Documentation & Maintenance

DATA/VOICE AND VOIP SWITCHS - Design, Installation, Configure, Test, Classified System Accreditation Documentation & Drawings

PORTABLE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS – Voice, Data and Video systems configured for short notice, sustainable use in remote locations